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Foreign Minister Faurie to future diplomats: "We must adapt to an ever-changing world"

01 March 2018
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Fernando Petrella took office as the new director of Argentina's Foreign Service Institute

Today, Foreign Minister Faurie inaugurated the 2018 academic year at the National Foreign Service Institute (ISEN) and welcomed newly admitted students to the diplomatic academy. At the event, Fernando Petrella took office as the new Director of ISEN and was hailed by Minister Faurie as "one of the great ambassadors of the Argentine foreign service, a professional with an outstanding career and a role model for many of us".

In his speech, Minister Faurie highlighted the role of the Argentine Foreign Ministry in the global insertion of our country, "at a time of major changes in technological resources and information ownership, which pose a significant challenge in our work."

"The work of diplomats today has changed. Information is much more accessible, but we must know how to interpret it, as well as how to position Argentina within that global context," the Minister noted, addressing the students. He also added that "me must adapt to the future of a country in which all Argentines will live in the context of an ever-changing world. As diplomats, you will be in charge of tackling that task."

"It is essential to provide an excellent consular and diplomatic service that offers adequate protection to our citizens when they need it the most," the Foreign Minister stated and expressed his gratitude for the work of the outgoing Director of ISEN, Ambassador María Celeste Koch.

In addition, Director Petrella —former Deputy Foreign Minister and representative to the United Nations— stated that, under his leadership, "ISEN will remain a bastion of quality and prestige" as it has historically been. "Government officials perform a vital role, which now requires them to be more alert and dedicated to their purpose: to serve the Argentine people and improve their welfare and living conditions," he highlighted.

ISEN is the only institution responsible for the selection and incorporation of Argentine professionals into the national diplomatic corps. It has been active for over half a century and is internationally renowned for its excellence and level of training. ISEN holds a national, free and open competitive examination for admission annually and offers its students rigorous training, as well as permanent training to foreign officials throughout their career.


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