Newsletter - March 2018

The Argentine State was in debt to the relatives of the fallen in Malvinas, especially to the relatives of the Argentine heroes whose remains had been buried at Darwin Cemetery without identification. We believe that this debt has now been honoured in part. The relatives of ninety of those boys who gave their lives on the Islands were finally able to pay homage to them last 26 March in front of a memorial plaque bearing their names and surnames.
For over 35 years, the relatives of the unidentified Argentine heroes buried in Darwin cemetery, in the Malvinas Islands, have suffered the anguish of not knowing the exact location where the remains of their fallen loved ones in the South Atlantic conflict lay. On 26 March, the relatives were able to honour their memory with plaques identifying 90 of them by name and surname at their resting place in the Malvinas Islands
On 1 March, the Argentine Foreign Minister and the Director of the National Foreign Service Institute (ISEN), Ambassador Fernando Petrella, inaugurated academic year 2018 in the presence of authorities from the Foreign Ministry and of first- and second-year students
On 9 March, in Asuncion, Paraguay, Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie, alongside the Foreign Ministers of Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, the Minister of Industry, Trade and Services of Brazil and the Minister of International Trade of Canada announced that negotiations for a MERCOSUR-Canada Comprehensive Trade Agreement would begin. In that vein, the first round of negotiations began on 20 March
On 6-8 March, King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway paid a State Visit to Argentina - the first visit by a Norwegian Head of State since 1967

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